Before Anesthesia

There are a few steps that patients need to take prior to anesthesia. First, you should not eat anything solid at least 8 hours prior to surgery, clear liquids at least 2 hours and refrain from smoking 12 hours prior to surgery. You will need someone to accompany you to the surgery and drive you home after. On the day of surgery, do not wear any jewelry, contact lenses. PLEASE  DO NOT bring electronics like PHONES or IPADS, it's more clutter for the staff to keep track of and we cannot be responsible for lost or misplaced items. If you are under the effects of potent interveinous sedatives you might not be as funny or clever as you think when you talk to work or business associates (happened many times) and you will have no memory of itIf you regularly take medications, these should have already being reviewed and analized for interactions, all treating doctors have being consulted and you will be given instructions prior to surgery. Other than these simple considerations, there is nothing else you need to do to prepare for surgery.