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By Arlington Dental
December 07, 2018
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As December brings the old year to a close, it’s a great time to set goals for the year to come. This might include a major life change, such as a new job—or even a new romance! If one of these items is on your list for 2019, a smile makeover may be just the thing to help you get there.

Having a great smile can give your self-confidence a real boost. It can also affect how you are perceived by others. According to a survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99.7% of adults believe a smile is an important social asset and 96% believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to members of the opposite sex. At the same time, three quarters of adults feel that an unattractive smile can hurt a person’s chances for career success.

If you aren’t pleased with your smile and want a new look, we can help you figure out which cosmetic dental treatments could be right for you. The answer might be something simple—like an overall brightening of the smile with professional teeth whitening, or fixing a small crack or chip in a single tooth with cosmetic tooth bonding. If you’re unhappy with worn-down or crooked teeth, dental veneers or orthodontic treatment might be the way to go. In fact, many adults find that orthodontic treatment with clear aligners is a great way to get a beautiful, straight smile without drawing attention to the fact that a makeover is in progress.

Of course, it’s not only important for your smile to look good but also for your whole mouth to stay healthy. So if you are experiencing any tooth pain, unusual mouth sores or gum problems, it’s time for you to come in for an exam. And if it’s been a while since you’ve had a dental checkup and professional teeth cleaning, why not make an appointment for early in the year? Don’t start the new year with last year’s dental problems!

If you would like more information about cosmetic dental treatments or preventive dentistry, please contact us or schedule a consultation. You can also learn more by reading the Dear Doctor magazine articles “How Your Dentist Can Help You Look Younger” and “Dental Hygiene Visit.”

By Arlington Dental
August 29, 2018
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At the first-ever Players Weekend in August 2017, Major League Baseball players wore jerseys with their nicknames on the back. One player — Cleveland Indians shortstop, Francisco Lindor — picked the perfect moniker to express his cheerful, fun-loving nature: “Mr. Smile.” And Lindor gave fans plenty to smile about when he belted a 2-run homer into the stands while wearing his new jersey!

Lindor has explained that he believes smiling is an important part of connecting with fans and teammates alike: “I’ve never been a fan of the guy that makes a great play and then acts like he’s done it 10,000 times — smile, man! We’ve got to enjoy the game.”

We think Lindor is right: Smiling is a great way to generate good will. And it feels great too… as long as you have a smile that’s healthy, and that looks as good as you want it to. But what if you don’t? Here are some things we can do at the dental office to help you enjoy smiling again:

Routine Professional Cleanings & Exams. This is a great place to start on the road toward a healthy, beautiful smile. Even if you are conscientious about brushing and flossing at home, you won’t be able to remove all of the disease-causing dental plaque that can hide beneath the gum line, especially if it has hardened into tartar, but we can do it easily in the office. Then, after a thorough dental exam, we can identify any problems that may be affecting your ability to smile freely, such as tooth decay, gum disease, or cosmetic dental issues.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments. If your oral health is good but your smile is not as bright as you’d like it to be, we can discuss a number of cosmetic dental treatments that can help. These range from conservative procedures such as professional teeth whitening and bonding to more dramatic procedures like porcelain veneers or crowns.

Tooth Replacement. Many people hide their smiles because they are embarrassed by a gap from a missing tooth. That’s a shame, because there are several excellent tooth-replacement options in a variety of price ranges. These include partial and full dentures, bridgework, and dental implants. So don’t let a missing tooth stop you from being Mr. (or Ms.) Smile!

If you’d like more information about oral health or cosmetic dentistry, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more by reading the Dear Doctor magazine articles “Beautiful Smiles by Design” and “The Impact of a Smile Makeover.”

May 09, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Smile problems? Cosmetic bonding can improve the appearance of your smile. Bonding is typically used for cosmetic purposes to improve dental bondingthe appearance of damaged or discolored teeth. Dr. Joseph Reed at Arlington Dental in Arlington, TX, offers a complete range of dental services, including cosmetic bonding. Here's all you need to know about cosmetic bonding.

Dental Bonding Overview- Cosmetic bonding is the application of tooth-colored resin using a light, which bonds the resin materials to the teeth to improve a patient's smile. Bonding is used to conceal flaws such as chips, cracks, and imperfections in the size or shape of the teeth. Bonding is also used to close gaps or spaces between teeth and improve the appearance of stained teeth. 

The Benefits of Bonding- Your dentist can use cosmetic bonding to improve the appearance of your smile in just one office visit. Very little tooth enamel is removed with the cosmetic bonding procedure, which gives it an advantage over options like dental crowns and veneers.

Candidates For Bonding- If you are in good oral health, you may be a viable candidate for cosmetic bonding. This procedure is not an appropriate treatment for you if you have oral health problems that require treatment. Once these problems have been treated, then your candidacy for cosmetic bonding may be reassessed. Consult with your dentist to find out if cosmetic bonding is right for you. 

Dental Consultation- During your consultation, your dentist will talk to you about the changes you would like to make to your smile. Your dentist will discuss the cosmetic problems that cosmetic bonding can fix. Your dentist will conduct a thorough examination and evaluation of your teeth and gums. Your dentist will also discuss if you are a candidate for the dental issues that bonding can correct. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you want a beautiful smile, this is your chance! Start your journey today! Call Arlington Dental at 817-303-5700 right now to schedule a dental bonding consultation in Arlington, TX. When you're happy with your smile, it can really improve your quality of life.

February 27, 2018
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How cosmetic dentistry from your dentist in Arlington can remake your smilecosmetic dentistry

Are you showing off your best smile, or do you have a few issues with how your smile looks? If you want to fix problems with your smile, you need to investigate cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Joseph Reed at Arlington Dental in Arlington, TX wants to introduce you to a few cosmetic dental procedures that can help you show off your best possible smile.

If you have a dull, yellowed, stained smile, consider a professional teeth whitening treatment. Unlike over-the-counter whitening products, professional teeth whitening can whiten your smile dramatically, up to 8 shades whiter! The results are long-lasting too, even up to 5 years! A professional teeth whitening treatment is quick, inexpensive, safe, and provides excellent results.

If you have small chips or cracks you can hide them with dental bonding. Dental bonding is a versatile treatment that can change the color and shape of teeth, giving you a more attractive smile. Dental bonding uses composite which can be matched perfectly to the color of your teeth. This means that your dental bonding will be virtually invisible to other people. It will look completely natural and beautiful.

If you have dental decay, consider tooth-colored fillings, which also use composite. Now it’s possible to have a strong filling that also enhances your smile. You don’t have to settle for old-school metal fillings, so ask for tooth-colored fillings instead!

If you want a dramatically beautiful smile, consider porcelain veneers, thin laminates of dazzling porcelain which are cemented onto the front surfaces of teeth. They can hide large cracks, chips, defects, and other cosmetic issues, making your smile look perfectly beautiful. They can even cosmetically change the alignment of your teeth, closing gaps and eliminating tooth overlap.

If you want to show off your best possible smile, consider cosmetic dental services or a complete smile makeover, which incorporates several services into your customized treatment plan. To find out more about cosmetic and restorative dental services call Dr. Reed at Arlington Dental in Arlington, TX today!


Congratulations—you’re engaged! It’s a stupendous (and hectic) time in your life as you plan your upcoming wedding.

You want to look your best for the big day—which means you may be dieting, exercising or making changes to your hairstyle and makeup. Be sure, though, to consider another important part of your appearance—your teeth and gums. Here are a few options that could help your wedding day smile shine even more.

Cleanings and whitening. While dental cleanings are primarily about removing disease-causing plaque and tartar they can also give your teeth that clean and polished look. And if you want an extra boost in brightness, consider whitening—we may be able to lighten up your teeth’s stain-induced dullness.

Bonding. If your teeth have slight imperfections—chipping, slight gaps or staining that doesn’t respond well to whitening, consider bonding techniques to repair or cover these defects. Composite resin is a dental material that can be shaped and bonded to teeth to reform a deformed tooth—and with color matching as well. For more extensive defects you can cover the front of imperfect teeth with bonded porcelain veneers or completely cap a tooth with a custom crown.

Tooth restorations. If you have missing teeth marring your smile, you have several options. The top choice: dental implants, which replaces the root of the tooth and will be able to have a crown attached to it. An implant can thus restore both better function and appearance. For more affordable options, you can also turn to fixed bridges or removable dentures. The latter can be custom designed to replace all the teeth on a jaw arch or just a few in different locations.

Gum enhancements. Teeth aren’t the only part of your smile that might need a helpful touch—your gums’ appearance might also be a problem. There are cosmetic procedures including plastic surgery and tissue grafting that can help correct overly prominent “gummy” smiles or, at the other end of the spectrum, longer appearing teeth because of gum recession.

Orthodontics. If you have extended time before the wedding date, we may be able to correct crooked teeth or a poor bite (malocclusion) that’s adversely impacting your smile. In some cases, you may be able to choose clear aligners, removable plastic trays that are hardly noticeable to others, over more visible braces to correct your bite.

If you would like more information on cosmetic dentistry for lifetime events, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation.