Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Arlington, TX

Whether you are missing one or several of your teeth, Dental Implants can improve your quality of life and self confidence. You do not have to suffer a lifetime of embarassment, inconvenience, denture pain or unnatural looking teeth.

Dental Implants

Benefits of Dental Implants:

  • Increase the life expectancy of surrounding teeth
  • Costs comparable to a bridge
  • Helps preserve supporting facial bones
  • Look and feel like natural teeth
  • No decay!

The natural look and feel of implanted teeth have restored confidence and comfort for thousands of people suffering from tooth loss. Dental implant procedures can restore a lasting smile and your sense of well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions:

• Will getting implants be painful?

Most of our patients say, “…that was much easier than I thought!” Great care is taken to make sure that you are numb and well sedated during the entire procedure.

Your individual health plays an important role in the healing process. People without underlying serious chronic medical issues (like cancer and uncontrolled diabetes) and NON SMOKERS heal the most rapidly after implant surgery.

Narcotics are not prescribed after this procedure because it is traditionally not associated with high pain levels. The immediate post-operative discomfort is well handled with Tylenol and Motrin.

Occasionally patients will experience swelling or bruising in the area but this normally resolves within 2 days.

• Can I afford dental implants?

Dental implants generally cost about the same as a 3-unit bridge. They can actually save money on dental care in the long run because missing teeth can lead to break down and wear to other teeth causing a cyclical effect of broken and missing teeth. The long term cost for having an implant versus a bridge is much lower, since a bridge will be replaced every 7 -10 years. Your dental implant will most likely never need to be replaced!

Your teeth are something that you enjoy for your entire life. People of all ages enjoy eating and your teeth are vital to this process. Teeth are a luxury (?) and an investment but ultimately, they are worth it!

Dental implants also do not harm the surrounding teeth. A 3-unit bridge, when performed on teeth without restorations, necessitates grinding down the supporting teeth. If these teeth do not need crowns, it can cause unnecessary loss of tooth structure.

• Don’t dental implants take years?

Not at all! Having an implant usually takes about 6 months on average. A bridge takes 3 – 6 weeks. Considering how long many people allow themselves to suffer with missing teeth, this is not a long process.

Bone, by nature, takes time to heal. The implant is supported by your bone; in order for the implant to be solid, the bone around the area must heal. This may take several months but the healing process is vital to the success of your dental implant.

A bone graft, may or may not extend the amount of time it takes for healing.


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