IV Sedation Dentistry

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IV Sedation Dentistry Arlington, TX Relax…You’re in Great Hands

For patients with fear or apprehension, we offer Sedation Dentistry. Dr. Joseph Reed is one of only a few general dentists in Arlington Texas who has advanced training in IV Sedation.

For many years he has provided medication to make the anxiety of treatment disappear. He can repair years of neglect or dental damage often in a single visit by using IV sedation. After a comprehensive exam he can determine the best protocol for your sedation treatment a plan that fits what you need and how you want to look. Most dental problems like implants, extractions, cosmetic restorations, and many other dental corrections can be done in a safe relaxed way using sedation dentistry.

IV Sedation Dentistry Arlington, TX The sedation we provide is conscious sedation. That means that you won’t remember much about the procedure but you will be able to breathe and respond on your own.

IV Sedation Dentistry means that you will be in a twilight state where you can breathe on your own and respond to commands but you are sedated so your fears and anxiety will be alleviated with the medictions. Dr. Reed has special training so he will make sure you are comfortable and receiving the proper amout of sedation medication to reduce your aniety and make you relaxed during your treamtment.

IV Sedation is used most, for comfort during long procedures. Sedation is also used for the anxious or medically compromised patient. We also do IV sedation on people who are terrified or afraid of the dentist because of previous experiences.

The cost for sedation depends upon the length of your treamtment and how long you will need to be monitored by Dr. Reed. The office is always happy to provide you with an accurate description of treatment and fees prior to making your appointment for sedation dentistry.

With advanced training, Dr. Joseph Reed is equipped to provide comprehensive sedation in a monitored, controlled and safe environment.

Patients who are sedated may not eat or drink anything for 12 hours prior to appointment time and someone must drive them home and stay with them.

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