Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance is much different than medical insurance. With medical insurance, in most cases, you have no annual limit. This means that if one year you need to have major surgery to restore your health - for every body part EXCEPT your teeth, you are covered. Dental insurance is not this way. 

Insurance companies are in business to make money. They know that most people will only elect to pay for dental insurance when they need dental work. For these reasons they put exclusions on new policies that prevent you from receiving coverage for any major work for a set period of time.

The best Dental Insurance policies are those that are offered through large end companies to their employees as either a part of their full time benefit package or for a minimal cost. Even these excellent policies typically only cover $1000 to $3000 per year of dental work. This amount of money is enough for most people who are not in need of major dental work such as root canal, dentures or crowns. However, for people who have major dental decay or other dental problems, this amount of Insurance coverage is not enough to help them to pay for treatment. 

PPO Dental Insurance policies often have different levels of coverage. Some pay dentists on a Usual and Customary Fee Schedule, while other have a reduced fee option that is much less expense and often cover only about 20% of the actual fee for dental services. Medicare is one of these plans. The optional benefit from Medicare for Dental Insurance covers at a much lower fee schedule and has many restrictions. There are several levels for Medicare Dental Benefits and the best way to find out it to talk to your plan administrator or to bring the Medicare Dental Options into our office. Our team can help you to select the Medicare Dental Option that is best for you.

At Arlington Dental, our dentists and Dental Administrators work with all major PPO insurance policies. We are In-Network with most Dental PPO plans. We will do our best to help to maximize your benefits and to estimate your coverage.  Please keep in mind that most dental insurance policies DO NOT COVER Dental Implants and IV sedation. While some do offer partial coverage up to the annual maximum, most do not offer any coverage for implants, IV sedation or Cosmetic Dental Procedures. 

We will do everything that we can to make sure that you receive your maximum coverage for your dental insurance but we have no control over exclusions and limitations to your policy. It is a wonderful help to have Dental Insurance. The Insurance will normally pay for your dental hygiene twice a year in full and offer 80% coverage for Dental Fillings and Extractions. The Insurance will normally cover 50% for crowns and denture. However, many dental insurance policies make you wait a year or more before they will begin to pay for major dental procedures.

The friendly staff at Arlington Dental will help to explain your Dental Insurance Policy. Give us a call to help you (817) 303-5700