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Would you love to get a crown for your front tooth in just one quick appointment? In only just four hours, how about getting a complete set of porcelain veneers?  With CEREC porcelain veneer technology, this can be done in no time. Dr Reed has been working with the Cerec machine and other digital scanning and milling machines since the 1990's. Today the technology is advanced and precise. At our Arlington office our dentists can design and make all porcelain veneers and crowns while you wait!

The notable difference this porcelain veneer has to conventional porcelain veneers is that they are made in the dentist's office using a CEREC machine. To make a precise and perfect fit for your teeth in the dentist's office, your teeth are prepared, an optical scan of the prepared teeth is taken, and then an automated milling machine makes the veneers. For conventional veneers that are made using an impression of your teeth which is sent to a dental laboratory, they can take ranging from one to three weeks for the finished case to be made and returned to the dental office.

CEREC technology has several distinct advantages. By using a CEREC porcelain-milling computer, a dentist can develop a porcelain crown or a porcelain veneer within a short while—on the spot. This takes away the need for another appointment for the patient to return and get the crown or veneer fitted. This process does not only saves the time of the second appointment, but saves the patient any discomfort from having to wear a temporary crown or veneer that will have to be removed at a later time.

But here, we caution patients to be very sure that your dentist has true artistic skills to make the crowns or veneers look very beautiful if this is a crown for a front tooth or a porcelain veneer. This is because there are very few dentists who know how to do this excellently. One challenge of CEREC technology is color manipulation. And so the dentist has to be an artist since he or she is doing it all himself or herself.

Dr. Reed uses the CEREC veneer method to where he can make a beautiful set of porcelain veneers in his office and place them on the patient instantly. This quick procedure needs a considerable level of artistic skill in color manipulation, smile design, polishing, and complete mastery of the CEREC technology.

Four hours is sufficient to prepare the teeth, optically scan the preparations, mill the CEREC porcelain veneers, stain and glaze the veneers, and then bond them to the teeth.

One other advantage of CEREC porcelain veneers is that the price cheaper compared to lab made veneers. This is because they can be fitted in only one appointment and not two because they do not need temporary, and because there are payments for a laboratory technician, the costs for the dentist are less.

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