Tip Edge Orthodontics

In 1996 Dr Reed was introduced to Tip Edge Ortho. This is a method of Orthodontic therapy that straightens crooked teeth by appliying gentle force with brackets and wires like conventional methods (Edwise appliance) but a lot less force.  Uneven smiles can be corrected with minimal soreness because the bracket "tips". The inventor of this remarkable appliance is Dr. Raymond Begg (Australian Orthodontist) and the reason why the bracket tips is to enable the appliance to function with a lot less force therefore less pain. Crowded teeth can be aligned faster and with less pain because the force which moves the tooth does so in a diferential way. Much how you would use a large knife to cut through a large block of cheese, you would push with your right hand if you are right handed and the handle of the knife would move down then your left hand would push the tip of the knife towards the table. This brilliant concept is what Dr. Begg called differential force. If you only held the knife by the handle and attepted to cut holding the knife parallel to the table the whole time you would need a lot more force, therefore more pain and longer treatment time. Open bites, deep bites, crowding or spaces that need to be closed happen faster with Tip-Edge! People with gaps between their teeth are often amazed at how fast this can be fixed at our Arlington Dental practice.