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Dental Bridges in Arlington

model of a dental bridgeWhat Is It?

A dental bridge is a way of replacing one or more missing teeth. At Arlington Dental, we offer this type of restoration as an alternative to dental implants in certain situations.


A bridge consists of a number of crowns that are connected to each other to replace missing teeth. For example, if there is one missing tooth, the restoration will consist of three crowns: one to replace the missing tooth, and one crown on either side of the missing tooth. These two crowns are cemented to the existing teeth to anchor the replacement.

What to Expect

Based on a thorough examination, Joseph Reed, DMD, MAGD may recommend this type of restoration to replace your missing tooth or teeth. While implants are the preferred method, sometimes implants are not viable because of the condition of the patient’s bone. Bridges are also typically less expensive than implants.

At your appointment, we will prepare the teeth on either side of the space by removing some surface material to make room for the crowns. Then we’ll design your crowns using 3D modeling techniques and mill them in-house with our CEREC milling machine. Your crowns will be ready to cement in place in about two hours. Alternatively, we can place a temporary restoration at this visit and you can make a second appointment to come in to have the permanent one cemented in place.

You’ll be comfortably numb throughout the process, and Dr. Reed is certified to provide both oral and IV sedation for our high-fear patients. We will explain your options to you before you schedule.

How to Care for Your Bridge

You must take special care to floss underneath the fake tooth/teeth (called pontics) between the anchor teeth. Food can easily become trapped in the space between the gums & the bottom of the pontics, and if not properly cleaned, bacteria can build up, causing gum disease & further problems.

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