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Root Canal Therapy in Arlington

person with dental painRoot canal therapy (also called endodontic therapy) is a very common dental procedure, in which a dentist will remove the inflamed or infected pulp (the material inside a tooth) and the nerve. A variety of factors can lead to this type of inflammation or infection, including trauma, decay, leaking fillings, cracks, chips, repeated dental work on that tooth and more.

At Arlington Dental, Joseph Reed, DMD, MAGD, has extensive experience performing these procedures—typically in just one visit.


What to Expect

Endodontic therapy differs greatly from what it was even a decade ago. We have special instruments and tools that allow us to get to the very tip of the root without going past the point where the tooth meets bone. This makes the procedure much less painful, and the tools and Dr. Reed’s experience ensure that the process is fast and efficient.

Before we begin the procedure, we prepare the tooth for a crown by removing the appropriate amount of tooth material and taking digital images used to design the crown. Then we mill the crown in-house while Dr. Reed performs the root canal.

During the procedure, you will be comfortably numb. Dr. Reed will remove all the infected material, clean out the inside of your tooth and apply medication, then dry, fill and seal it. When that process is complete, your crown will be ready. We will cement it at this visit, and you will be done within about 2 hours.

Do I Have to Have a Crown?

A tooth that has had endodontic treatment is fragile, so a crown, which covers the entire visible area of a tooth, provides the support to keep the tooth from cracking or breaking.

We Guarantee Our Work

Dr. Reed provides the best quality endodontic therapy available, and we stand behind our work. If your tooth breaks and needs to be restored or removed, we will apply your entire fee for the root canal to any extraction or restoration required.

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If you think you may need a root canal, contact us today to book an appointment.

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