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Sedation Dentistry in Arlington

Dental hygienist handing dentist toolsSedation dentistry involves using medication to allow a patient to be comfortable enough to undergo a procedure that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to withstand. In most cases, this is not related to pain, but to negative experiences in their past. When we experience trauma, it gets saved in our internal “hard drive” and stays there.

One benefit of sedation is that, in approximately 95% of the cases, the patient has no memory of the procedure, preventing further trauma. With oral sedation, patients may appear to be sleeping, but they are awake. Memory typically begins when patients are home after their procedure.

At Arlington Dental, we understand this trauma and are committed to not creating another negative dental experience for any of our patients.


Our Options

Joseph Reed, DMD, MAGD has 30 years’ experience and is certified to administer both IV and oral sedatives.

Our oral options include

  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas): This is the lowest level, making you feel very relaxed.
  • Valium: This option reduces the electrical impulses in the brain’s cortex that control consciousness. We may combine it with laughing gas to heighten the effects of both drugs to reduce nerves and anxiety.
  • Triazolam: This medication creates amnesia so you don’t remember the procedure, and can be combined with laughing gas to create a balanced, level effect

Our IV options include Versed and Fentanyl, which are administered through a vein in the arm. The effects are like oral options, but we can control the level for the length of the procedure. Your memory also begins quicker, usually while we’re putting the bandage on your arm.

Important Information

You must have had a medical checkup within the past year in order to receive sedation. With all options other than nitrous oxide, have someone drive you home and be responsible for you for 6-8 hours. It takes some time for the medications to leave your system, and you will feel “hungover” until that happens.

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