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Teeth Whitening in Arlington

teeth whitening chartsCertain lifestyle choices like smoking, eating foods that stain our teeth, and improper oral care can cause stains that dull the appearance of your teeth. Stained teeth can have many negative consequences on your self-esteem and impact the first impression you make on others.

At Arlington Dental, we provide in-office and at-home teeth brightening procedures that will make your teeth and confidence shine. “It’s no surprise that professional teeth whitening is so popular because it’s an effective and inexpensive way to improve a person’s smile drastically. Results always leave patients feeling satisfied and proud to show off their new pearly whites,” said Dr. Reed.


Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Eliminate Yellow Staining

Having stained teeth can be embarrassing. Stains occur for reasons like smoking, drinking and eating certain pigmented foods and liquids, and also medications. Teeth whitening is an ideal option for those whose natural teeth have fallen victim to staining. This procedure is a fast and effective way to eliminate any yellow coloring, improving your smile and self-esteem.

A Brighter and Healthier Looking Smile

Poor dental care can lead to discolored, dull, and yellowish or even brownish teeth that can make you feel embarrassed and self-conscious. If not properly treated, this can lead to more severe oral issues later down the line. Whether you are considering an in-office or at-home treatment, our office can help you obtain that beautiful, glowing smile you have always desired.

Quick and Efficient

At Arlington Dental, we offer tailored whitening formulas depending on your expectations and timeframe. Dr. Reed and his team understand that you have a life to live outside of the dentist’s office and that your cosmetic procedure shouldn’t take hours to complete. We offer quick and effective methods for brightening your smile.

Two Options Available

Lumi-Smile Zoom
Looking to brighten your smile quickly? If yes, this is the option for you. With Lumi-Smile Zoom, you can whiten your teeth up to four shades in just one hour.
This system uses a gel solution that contains carbamide peroxide and/or hydrogen peroxide activated with a blue or red LED light to whiten your teeth.

The benefits of in-office whitening include:

  • Completed under direct supervision
  • Quick and takes about 1 hour
  • Has the ability to whiten teeth by several shades in 1 treatment session, appealing for those who want dramatic results

Take-Home Custom Trays

With this option, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth to provide you with custom-made fitted trays and give you a whitening kit that includes a gentle whitening gel solution for use at home. Instructions are outlined to help you perform the treatment at your convenience.

The trays are shaped to whiten teeth evenly and to limit any whitening solution exposure on sensitive areas like the inside of the mouth and gums. Before whitening at home, you should brush and floss thoroughly. Be sure to rinse well but do not use any over-the-counter mouthrinses.

When ready, use your whitening kit and follow the instructions to achieve your whiter teeth. You’ll see results in just a few weeks.

The benefits of take-home trays include:

  • Can conveniently do it at home in private
  • Slowly whitens teeth and can perform touch-ups when needed
  • Costs less than an in-office professional whitening treatment

The downside to doing your whitening at home is the risk of gum and tooth sensitivity if the instructions aren’t followed correctly.

What Is the Best Method?

The best teeth brightening method for you depends on your ideal shade, time, and budget. Both options are effective in whitening teeth, but the main difference comes down to the application method and the time required before you see results.

Your care provider will recommend the best option, depending on your needs.

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