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Restorative Dentistry in Arlington

patient and dentist looking at xrayRestorative dentistry consists of replacing missing parts of a tooth or an older, existing restoration to maintain optimal health and prevent the progression of disease.

At Arlington Dental, we have decades of experience providing a variety of restorations, and we create most of them in-house in one visit.


Our Services

Joseph Reed, DMD, MAGD, will determine what type of restoration is appropriate for your situation, and he’ll explain the process and how it will help you. To restore the integrity and health of your teeth, we offer the following restorations:

  • Crowns: These are ceramic coverings that encase the entire tooth. We use the CEREC milling machine to create crowns in one visit, with no impressions, no second appointment and no need for a temporary crown.
  • Implants: As the number one choice for replacing a tooth, dental implants include a titanium screw that fuses with the bone, covered by a crown.
  • Bridges: Used to replace one or more missing teeth, bridges are anchored by crowns on the teeth on either side of the missing tooth/teeth.

Columns and Studs

Dr. Reed likes to explain dental health using a building analogy: your back teeth are like the columns and studs that support a building, while your front teeth are like the doors and windows. The columns and studs have to be strong enough to support the doors and windows, otherwise they’ll fall out.

Similarly, we have to ensure the health and strength of your molars to keep your front teeth healthy. That’s why we want to address any areas of disease or decay as soon as possible & provide the appropriate restorations to help improve the health & integrity of your mouth. Prevention is better than cure, but quality restorations can help prevent problems from worsening.

Get Started Today

The sooner you address your missing or damaged teeth, the better the outcomes are likely to be. We offer 0% financing and other payment options. Contact us today to schedule your first visit.

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