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Tooth Extraction in Arlington

empty dental chairAt Arlington Dental, our goal is to help you keep natural, healthy teeth for life. We don’t remove body parts simply because they hurt—there are other restorations that can usually resolve pain. We only consider extractions when a tooth is unfixable and cannot be saved, or when the tooth is endangering the health of another tooth.

Joseph Reed, DMD, MAGD has 30 years’ experience providing outstanding dental care, including removing teeth when necessary.


What to Expect

Tooth extractions are one of the dental services that create the most fear in patients, mostly because of things we’ve all seen in movies. Removing a tooth is nothing like it used to be, and we assure our patients that you will not feel any pain. We also have a variety of sedation options.

The process of removing a tooth consists of separating the tooth from the bone beneath it. Once you are numb, Dr. Reed will use tiny instruments that can fit between the tooth and bone, wiggling the tooth little by little until it pops out. You will feel pressure and some vibration, but no pain.

Dr. Reed compares removing a tooth to opening a clam—it looks difficult, but when you watch a professional do it with proper tools, it’s quite quick and easy. Please note that you need to have had a medical checkup within a year of your extraction and be current on all regular medications.


The most important thing after a tooth removal is to protect the clot that is forming in the socket. Think of your circulatory system like a tire with a tire repair kit in it. We’ll place a piece of gauze over the socket, and you will need to bite down on it or hold it in place with your finger for 4 hours. Then remove the gauze and ignore the wound. The more you check for bleeding, the more bleeding will occur. If you leave it alone, your body knows how to heal it.

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