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Dental Exams in Arlington

dentist checking smileA dental exam is a thorough evaluation of your oral health, covering everything from your teeth and gums to the supporting structures and appearance of your smile. This comprehensive assessment plays a crucial role in maintaining good oral hygiene and preventing dental issues throughout your lifetime. Let’s take a closer look at the different components of a dental exam at Arlington Dental and their importance.


Radiographs: The Inside Story

Radiographs, or X-rays, help us assess the density of your teeth and the bone that supports them. They can reveal pathological features, such as abscesses, growths, and dental decay. By examining the shades of gray in radiographs, we can identify areas where bacteria have penetrated the tooth’s crown and caused decay. Large cavities are easy to spot, as they appear darker on the radiograph and feel soft to the touch.

Periodontal Probing: Assessing Gum Health

Periodontal probings measure the depth of the pocket around each tooth, providing insight into your gum health. Ideally, these pockets should be 1-3 mm deep. Poor oral hygiene can cause pockets to deepen, making them harder to clean and leading to bone loss. When a person loses 50% of the bone surrounding their teeth, the teeth become loose and may eventually fall out. Regular periodontal probings help prevent this from happening.

Pictures: Capturing Aesthetics and Function

While not always necessary, pictures can be a valuable addition to your dental exam, particularly if you’re interested in improving the appearance of your smile. Intraoral pictures capture every tooth, while extraoral images help us evaluate the symmetry and proportions of your lips and teeth. These photos allow us to plan changes related to the color and shape of your teeth, which may involve treatments like porcelain veneers.

Head and Neck Exam: A Wide-Angle View

A head and neck exam is a screening for any abnormal findings on a larger scale. It involves examining the symmetry of your face and neck, palpating the lymphatic chains, and searching for lumps or bumps that shouldn’t be there.

We also inspect the floor of your mouth, the sides of your tongue, your cheeks, and the space between your cheek and jaw, looking for any abnormalities in the skin’s surface. This comprehensive examination helps us identify and address any potential issues early on.

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